A Little Rock Story

Multi-instrumentist, singer, composer and actor. Multi-style musician with performances in more than 30 countries. Universal Music Latin recording artist during mid 1990s and mid 2000s. Born and raised in Cuba with family roots in music, he started playing since the age of 5, began formal studies in music at 9 and turned professional at 17 playing in Havana’s night clubs. In 1992, he moved to the US (based in New York) start playing in the most popular venues of NYC, Miami, Puerto Rico and the whole country. Recorded 5 CDs as solo artist in Latin music. Billboard chart in 1996, 98 and 2000. Nominated for several awards including the Latin Grammy 2006, 2009, 2011, Awarded with the Subterranica Awards internacional band of the year 2017 and Bass player of the year 2018. Music played by radio stations and DJs worldwide and still available in digital format (iTunes, Amazon, Google, Youtube, etc). Produced and collaborated more than 300 albums in different music genres. Founder of his own record label and has performed with some of the biggest stars and bands in Latin, Rock, Jazz and Pop music. Played in several Broadway musicals. Composed and produced music for films, TV shows and commercials. Has had acting roles in comedy and TV shows. In 2009, he founded the most controversial Latin rock band known as Pornoson’ with worldwide performances and music sales of more than 200K digital units and still selling. In 2014, Danny is an ASCAP, SGAE, SIAE Member and endorsed by Instrument Branches, Framus and Warwick, Markbass, Audix Microphones, Hotone Audio, MONO and DR Strings.
One of the most versatile Latin artists of his generation, Danny Rojo is a musician, singer, composer, producer, arranger, director and record label founder.

Danny was born in Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba, the third generation of a family of musicians and singers. At age 7, Danny learned his first instrument, the guitar, from his mother, who also accompanied him as he learned his first traditional Cuban songs. At age 12, Danny started studying the clarinet at Guillermo Tomás Conservatory of Guanabacoa in Havana. But by age 14, breaking away from classical and traditional lessons, Danny found his true soul in rock and roll, jazz and Cuban popular music and switched to the bass, which remains his favorite instrument to this day.

In his mid-teens, Danny started to develop his rock and jazz skills in local clubs. He also devoted himself to his other passion --fight spotrs, studying judo, wrestling and mixed martial arts – and competed in several national and international tournaments

At age 17, Danny entered the Ignacio Cervantes Conservatory in Havana, studying bass exclusively under celebrated bassist Silvio Vergara. Danny also started his professional musical career at this time, playing bass in such rock bands as Geminis, Fuego Adentro and Los Magneticos and performing throughout Cuba in well-known Havana hotspots like Hotel Capri, Hotel Nacional, Johnny Drinks and Hotel Internacional in Veradero.

In 1992, after performing at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Danny decided to move to the United States. Settling first in Miami, he played with Orquesta Sensacion and Israel Kantor in nightclubs all over the city, as well as on Univision’s Sabado Gigante.

In 1993, Danny moved to New York City to play with legendary Cuban musicans José Fajardo, Chocolate Armenteros and Patato Valdéz. It was also in New York that Danny first crossed over into the Salsa genre, playing with different salsa bands at Copacabana, Latin Quarter, SOB’s, Village Gate, the Palladium and the iconic Studio 54.

In 1995, Danny signed with Rincon Musical and composed and recorded his first album, Regalame tu Amor, released in 1996. The first two singles -- Me Calculaste and Triangulo Amoroso – hit the Billboard Latin Charts Top 20, and Danny embarked on his first US tour.

In 1998, Danny composed, produced, directed and recorded his second album, Al Rojo Vivo, with Universal Latin Music, garnering international acclaim and radio play. Danny moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico, shortly after, played around the island, worked on several television shows and recorded numerous commercials for TV and radio. Danny also composed songs for other international artists.

In 2000,
atin Charts Top 20 with the single ''El Wanikiki''. En Talla went gold and was nominated for several Latin music awards, including the Casandra (Dominican Republic), Premios Lo Nuestro ACE and Billboard (US) and Farandula (Puerto Rico). With this album, Danny made his first international tour throughout 2001 and 2002, performing in France, Italy and Spain.

From the second half of 2002 through 2004, Danny traveled across the US from California to Florida and back again, experimenting with new styles and playing with different bands.
PRESENTING LATIN-ROCK BAND PORNOSON!!! Founded in New York City in 2005, PORNOSON is led by Cuban composer, bassist and lead vocalist Danny Rojo.Axel Tosca Lugart Keyboards and background vocals, Luisito Quintero backs on drums/percussion.

PORNOSON began spreading its unique blend of AfroCuban rhythms, blazing guitar, electric strings, thumping bass and controversial lyrics in New York hotspots like Washington Heights' In Vino Veritas, Greenwich Village's Matador and the Lower East Side's Oliva, as well as taking part in the HavanaRumba concert series at various spots around the City. 

No one is really quite sure who christened PORNOSON. 

The debate continues to rage between the former band members Aaron Halba and Ariam Vazquez(Danny says it was Ariam) But everyone in the band agrees that Pornoson started out as a typical Latin band playing traditional Cuban salsa music, also known as SON, in various New York and New Jersey venues. But as the mojitos and Cuba Libres flowed and the crowds got to their feet to dance, band leader Danny Rojo started changing the lyrics to these long-established tunes. The songs started taking a much sexier turn, with lyrics that raised eyebrows and drew cheers from the crowds. As fans found the new, "sexed-up" versions of the traditional Cuban SON far more entertaining, Rojo started to compose new songs -- songs about partying, rock and roll, and plenty of explicit, steamy sex.

And, thus, PORNOSON was born.

The sexual lyrics of PORNOSON have inspired as many haters as lovers, but even the haters agree that the music is fierce and unstoppable, and impossible NOT to groove to. And the more the lyrics stir up controversy, the more the fans clamor for more. 

PORNOSON's music comes with a parental advisory and the songs are definitely not for kids.

PORNOSON's music speaks to all the true lovers of the world. The songs are about sex, love, music, partying, drinking and celebrating life. Sex is the ultimate expression of the joy of life, and no one expresses that joy better than PORNOSON.

Having sold more than 100,000 digital units through iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and Amazon, Ah Sing Are 2009 and Pornoson ll 2011 has been played by DJs in clubs and on radio shows in North & South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. www.itunes.com/pornoson